The Best Jazz Festivals in Australia

Jazz Festivals

Jazz and Australia sum up to be the perfect combination that one can happily explore. It brings in the right set of features and moves ahead to help you make the most of it. As a result, jazz festivals in Australia are a few of the most sought after events, and if you’re also on the lookout for the same, the following list will be of great help. So without further ado, here’s a list of the best jazz festivals in Australia.

Jazz By The Bay Festival

Jazz By The Bay Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals as it sums up to be a feast for all music lovers. The outstanding line-up of talent and pure material that it pushes forward is sure to be a favourite for all fans of jazz music, and they can come forward to have a great time. Surrounded by wineries and beaches, the festival also sets the perfect ambiance that helps music lovers to transport themselves to a whole new planet. Thanks to all that, this is a festival worth the experience.

Newcastle Jazz Festival

Organized by the Hunter Jazz Club and Newcastle, this is another festival that brings forth a vivid experience. Unlike other events, the Newcastle Jazz Festival has been around since 1988 and has earned a reputation of being one among the classics. It includes a top line up of more than 40 bands that includes local musicians who step forward to portray both traditional and contemporary Jazz. As a result, you can get all that you need from this festival and move on to have a great time.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival

First held in 1998, Melbourne International Jazz Festival is a well-known event that has been bringing together talent under one roof. Carrying forward Jazz’s spirit, the festival is a unique platform for collaborations, performances, and other aspects that an average jazz fan would love to experience. It takes place across clubs, concert halls, and also through the streets of Melbourne. As a result, it is clearly a festival that is bound to lift your spirits to a whole new level.

jazz & Blues

Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues

The Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues has always showcased new talent by featuring leading names from the world of Jazz. The festival is a proper definition of Jazz music as it combines talent and the undying spirit of Jazz. Moving beyond its 30th year, the festival has all you need and also ventured further to provide more. Thanks to that, experiencing this festival will truly be a blessing, and we recommend that you move ahead to get it all started.

Hence, that was the top jazz music festival in Australia.

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